Mike Pompeo blames Iran for Gulf of Oman tanker attacks

Mike Pompeo blames Iran for Gulf of Oman tanker attacks

Two oil tankers, the MT Front Altair and the Kokuka Courageous, were hit by explosions in the Gulf of Oman today. A fireball erupted on the MT Front Altair after a suspected torpedo attack caused three explosions, and the crew of the Kokuka were also forced to flee their ship after a pair of blasts today which have left the Middle East on high alert. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tonight said Iran was responsible for the attacks while Britain has urged ‘extreme caution’ amid high tensions in the Middle East, weeks after Saudi tankers were attacked in a mysterious act of sabotage off the UAE coast which Washington believes was the work of Iran. Warning that the Gulf’s waters are ‘becoming unsafe’, tanker industry chief Paolo d’Amico said that ‘the oil supply to the entire Western world could be at risk’. Tehran has said it is ‘suspicious’ about the timing of the explosions during a visit by Japan’s leader Shinzo Abe but Washington has already pointed the finger at Iran.

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