World Oceans Day: Celebrate our water-bodies

World Oceans Day: Celebrate our water-bodies

World Oceans Day is a global celebration on June 8 with hundreds of events around the world celebrating our ocean. ‘Gender and the Ocean’ is the theme for World Oceans Day this year. The oceans dictate our weather and long-term climate change. Half of the ocean’s oxygen and protein are consumed by us. But now the oceans are under threat. Approx 8 million tonnes of plastic leak into the oceans every year. Most of the plastics remain intact for decades or centuries and those that erode end up as microplastics. Micro-plastics are consumed by fish and other marine wildlife, and that is how plastics enter into the global food chain. Annually nearly 100,000 marine animals killed by intake of plastics besides other damages. The World Oceans Day reminds us to address the global problem and educate people to reinforce humankind’s relationship with the ocean.

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