Verhofstadt: No deal will be a disaster on both sides of the channel

Verhofstadt: No deal will be a disaster on both sides of the channel

Theresa May this morning jetted in to Brussels for a fiery Brexit showdown with sneering Eurocrat Donald Tusk – a day after he said there’s a “place in hell” reserved for Brexiteers.

On her way in to EU headquarters the PM’s convoy was interrupted by a Europhile protester who threw himself in front of a car in an apparent bid to stop her.

Mrs May will insist the UK must not be “trapped” in the hated Northern Ireland backstop and will lay out her plan to get MPs to pass the Brexit deal.

With 50 days to go until Britain leaves the EU, the PM is holding talks with Jean-Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt and Donald Tusk later.

But the meeting will be tense after Mr Tusk’s explosive comments yesterday saying there was a “place in hell” reserved for Brexiteers who campaigned to leave without a plan.

His comments infuriated Brexiteers and Remainers alike – with some saying the risk of us leaving without a deal was even greater thanks to his careless outburst.

The PM is set for a bruising as the EU tell yet again that they won’t change the deal.

Yesterday leaders reinterated that they have nothing new to offer…

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