Tusk: “special place in hell for those who promoted Brexit”

Tusk: “special place in hell for those who promoted Brexit”

Brexit could be delayed by up to two months as MPs struggle to agree on a deal, it was claimed today.

Cabinet ministers have reportedly discussed pushing our EU exit date back to the end of May amid a deadlock in Commons.

They fear Britain won’t be ready to leave on March 29 as scheduled because it’s taking so long to cut a Brexit deal.

Several ministers now believe there should be a “grace period” of eight weeks before the UK legally quits the EU on May 24, the Daily Telegraph reported.

At a Cabinet meeting yesterday, Theresa May rebuked ministers for publicly considering a delay to Brexit – which would infuriate the public and Eurosceptic MPs.

She insisted the UK will be leaving on March 29 despite the difficulties in signing off on the withdrawal agreement…

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