Interview with the man who found Emiliano Sala’s missing plane

Interview with the man who found Emiliano Sala’s missing plane

This is the first picture of Emiliano Sala’s doomed plane lying on the bed of the English Channel. The haunting image of the wreckage was released by the Air Accident Investigation Branch who also revealed that the body of either Sala or his pilot David Ibbotson is on board. The operation to recover the doomed plane and the man on board was cancelled today and could be hampered by days of poor weather. The plane was found by a sea search vessel paid for by Sala’s family yesterday and at 4.18pm a small submarine [ROV] with an HD camera confirmed it was the Piper Malibu (bottom right) that disappeared over the Channel Islands two weeks ago. An AAIB spokesman said: ‘Tragically, in video footage from the ROV, one occupant is visible amidst the wreckage. The AAIB is now considering the next steps, in consultation with the families of the pilot and passenger, and the police’. The families of the £15million striker and his pilot David Ibbotson are waiting to hear whose body is in the fuselage of the Piper Malibu that vanished in a storm two weeks ago. Sala’s bereft father Horacio, who has not joined his ex-wife, son and daughter in Britain, told reporters in the Argentinian town of Progreso: ‘I cannot believe it …. this is a dream … a bad dream … I’m desperate’.

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