Death toll rises after cyclone drowns Mozambique

Death toll rises after cyclone drowns Mozambique

The massive tropical cyclone has caused a humanitarian crisis in southern Africa, where the number of those killed could rise by hundreds.

Tropical cyclone leaves parts of Mozambique under water, kills over 200

Mozambique’s president declared three days of national mourning on Wednesday as the southeast African country struggles to recover from a powerful cyclone that has claimed hundreds of lives, submerged villages and washed away homes.

Tropical cyclone Idai made landfall near the port city of Beira late last Thursday and slowly moved inland over the weekend, carving a trail of destruction across central Mozambqiue, southern Malawi and eastern Zimbabwe. The storm brought heavy rainfall and wind gusts of up to 105 miles per hour to the region, where bone dry conditions gave way to massive flooding.

As the scale of devastation widens, aid agencies said it might be the worst cyclone-related disaster ever in the Southern Hemisphere.

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