Bercow hounded by the BBC after ruling out Brexit deal vote

Bercow hounded by the BBC after ruling out Brexit deal vote

John Bercow today refused to explain his controversial Brexit blocking – or apologise for meddling.

The Commons Speaker made a string of sarcastic jokes when he was approached by the BBC this morning.

He ignored repeated questions about his controversial move to stop Theresa May holding a third vote on his Brexit deal.

Mr Bercow was filmed walking to work in Parliament and asked: “Can you explain to the public what you did yesterday?”

But instead of responding, he said, “I really feel you ought to get yourselves some coffee or tea” – then made a joke about the reporter’s hat.

Pressed on the issue, the Speaker sneered: “I’m sure people are so very grateful to you for showing such interest at this time in the morning – very grateful to you, very well done.”

As the camera crew crossed the road with him, Mr Bercow snapped: “Careful, careful! There are cars coming along here, I’m not going to sacrifice myself for your benefit.

“I know that you attach great weight to what you think, but perhaps you’d be kind enough to allow me to proceed.”

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