Bercow shoots down Francois’ query into amendment selection

Bercow shoots down Francois’ query into amendment selection

Remainers launched their bid to seize control of the Commons and force Britain to a soft Brexit today as MPs prepare to vote on extending Article 50. A plan to stage ‘indicative votes’ on what kind of alternative Brexit Parliament might support was chosen by Speaker John Bercow today ahead of the latest round of votes at 5pm. If successful tonight, MPs are will stage the votes next Wednesday. The idea is to pit all viable proposals – including a Norway-style soft Brexit and a new referendum – to a series of head to head votes. The contest is expected to happen if Theresa May’s deal is defeated a third time on Monday or Tuesday. Mr Bercow also ruled MPs will vote on proposals about a second referendum and blocking the chance of a third vote on Theresa May’s deal. Tonight’s votes come after the PM effectively handed control to Parliament by telling MPs to make up their mind about the Brexit they do want. The Speaker’s decision to block an amendment that sought to rule out a second referendum provoked fury from Brexiteer MPs. Tory members of the European Research Group bombarded Mr Bercow with hostile points of order. The Prime Minister has told Parliament she must have clarity on what it will support before she meets EU leaders in Brussels next Thursday. Mrs May has said if MPs have backed a deal she will ask for a short technical extension that postpones Brexit to the end of June. If they want a more fundamental change of tack she will ask for much more time. EU leaders must agree unanimously on the terms of delay – and Britain will not get a vote on the decision at the summit.

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