Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump ‘not worth’ impeaching

Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump ‘not worth’ impeaching

Bucking calls from many Democrats to remove President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flatly stated she is “not for impeachment” in an interview with The Washington Post published Monday.

The 17-term California Democrat recalled the divisiveness of President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which she said was “horrible for the country,” and said she would not be willing to go through that again without “overwhelming and bipartisan” justification.

“Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it,” Pelosi told The Post.

Pelosi’s position may not be popular with the Democratic base. Two-thirds of Democratic voters say Congress should get the ball rolling on impeachment, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

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