Wild NFL Free Agency 😳Tim Brown talks AB ☠️

Wild NFL Free Agency 😳Tim Brown talks AB ☠️

AB shocked the NFL world…turning an offseason full of antics into a massive guaranteed contract. “Mr. Raider”, Tim Brown, joined the show to talk about his conversation with AB after the trade, his thoughts on the Gruden-AB relationship and whether he’d be AB’s chaperone in Las Vegas. Lefkoe delivers his 15 AB observations that no one else is talking about and broke down all the major Free Agency news. Lefkoe also took a deep dive into David Irving’s IG Live retirement and how it raises large questions about the NFL’s relationship with marijuana. Share and Subscribe, Homies!

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1:00 We’re officially The Lefkoe Show!!
2:00 Our constitution may be under review….
6:00 Blake Bortles to be cut by Jaguars after signing Nick Foles
7:00 News and notes from the crazy FA weekend
7:30 Lions stacking up their roster with Free Agents
11:50 Landon Collins signs with Washington
13:00 Trent Brown signs with Raiders
14:30 Kwon Alexander signs with 49ers
16:00 Reports of Giants listening to trade offers for OBJ
20:20 DeSean Jackson traded to the Eagles
22:20 Lefkoe’s 15 thoughts on the AB trade
22:30 Jon Gruden would have traded a first round pick for AB
23:30 Derek Carr’s pool parties are back!
24:10 AB’s mustache saved him from going to the Bills
25:10 Are we really going to let Ian Rapoport slide for false AB report?
27:20 Why are the Steelers rewarding Roethlisberger?
28:25 AB was a baby…and a genius
30:10 Le’Veon Bell is dropping his new album on Wednesday
31:15 Is the NFL about to make some NBA style moves?
32:40 The Steelers could have been hold-out proof
34:10 AB deserves the money
35:30 AB is a Raider through and through
36:40 AB in Vegas is going to be intense
38:00 All of this in Vegas might go horribly wrong
38:50 AB should study Keyshawn Johnson and Chad Johnson
42:30 Thank you AB for the month of Content
43:30 Hall of Fame WR Tim Brown joins the show!
44:30 How was Tim’s conversation with AB?
45:30 What does Tim think of the way AB handled the trade situation?
46:50 How will Gruden and AB get along in Vegas?
48:45 What’s the vibe of Raider Nation after the trade?
49:35 Will Tim let AB wear 81?
52:20 Tim Brown on the Heisman to Hall of Fame initiative
54:25 Terrell Suggs signs with Cardinals
55:30 The problem with how the David Irving narrative Is perceived

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