Theresa May warns MPs: ‘We may never leave the EU at all’

Theresa May warns MPs: ‘We may never leave the EU at all’

Michel Barnier (right in Brussels yesterday) finally made his move today as he said the EU would give Britain a unilateral exit from parts of the Irish border backstop. In a signal of how poor UK-EU relations have become, Mr Barnier tweeted out his response (inset) to Theresa May’s (left in Grimsby today) speech calling for ‘one final push’ on the talks. But the immediate reaction from Whitehall sources was to say they were ‘unimpressed’ by Mr Barnier’s offer, which echoes proposals rejected by Theresa May months ago. The DUP – whose 10 MPs prop Mrs May up in power – immediately rejected the apparent concession today, insisting it would ‘place a new border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain’. The proposal is essentially the Northern Ireland-only backstop rejected by Theresa May last year. She warned in September it could never be acceptable because it carves up the United Kingdom.

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