🇻🇪 Can the US force Maduro to step down? l Inside Story

🇻🇪 Can the US force Maduro to step down? l Inside Story

Venezuela’s economy has been in crisis for years. Hyperinflation is skyrocketing and millions of people have left the country.
And the president hasn’t been able to fix it.
Now the US is hitting Nicolas Maduro even harder where it hurts, in a bid to get him out of office.
It’s imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s state oil company blocking seven billion dollars in assets and is recognising opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president.
Washington’s called on the military, which is so far standing by Maduro, to accept a peaceful transfer of power… and warned otherwise there could be consequences
How far will Washington go to change the government in Caracas?

Presenter: Richelle Carey

Jairo A Lugo-Ocando, Director of Executive Education and Graduate Studies at Northwestern University in Qatar.
Charles Shapiro, Former US Ambassador to Venezuela
Diego Moya -Ocampos, principal analyst for Country Risk at IHS Markit in the Americas team.

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