How to help your child deal with the ‘Momo challenge’

How to help your child deal with the ‘Momo challenge’

Sam Barr, 25, from Cheltenham, was shocked to discover on Tuesday morning that her daughter Jemma had hacked off her shoulder length hair. And in a harrowing recollection of the event, claims the five-year-old said ‘Momo made me do it’ when questioned about her sudden change of appearance. With the tot allegedly even issuing a chilling warning to her own mother, telling her: ‘Best keep one eye open when you’re sleeping.’ The creepy online character, which originates from an art gallery in Japan, has reportedly started to appear in YouTube videos and pop up in children’s programmes and apps. And now Ms Barr is warning all parents to be vigilant after her daughter was targeted by the disturbing hackers.

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