Labour’s Brexit amendment has been defeated by an 83 majority

Labour’s Brexit amendment has been defeated by an 83 majority

The Prime Minister accepted two amendments to her motion seeking support for continued talks with Brussels – but neither involved further concessions. Mrs May (pictured top at PMQs today) has warned MPs they must accept her deal by March 12 – but admitted if they refuse, the Commons must vote to accept no deal Brexit or vote to delay Brexit. Labour MP Yvette Cooper – who has led efforts to block no deal – claimed victory when David Lidington said the Government would be bound by a vote against no deal on March 13. Ms Cooper got an amendment setting out the no deal and delay votes passed by 502 to 20 (pictured bottom are MPs voting tonight). Mrs May’s motion was then agreed as amended unopposed. Tonight’s votes also marked the moment Labour switched its support from pursuing its own Brexit to backing a second referendum. Jeremy Corbyn told his MPs on Monday defeat tonight would mean the choice facing Britain was a no deal Brexit or Mrs May’s Tory Brexit – meaning a public vote was the only option. Mr Corbyn’s amendment setting out the Labour plan was duly defeated 323 to 240 votes.

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