California town urged to evacuate after torrential winter storm

California town urged to evacuate after torrential winter storm

Two communities in Northern California were accessible only by boat Wednesday after a rain-swollen river overflowed its banks overnight and left roads impassable, authorities said.One of them, the small city of Guerneville, just north of San Francisco  ‘is officially an island,’ the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.A short time later, an official said the nearby town of Monte Rio was also isolated by floodwaters with all roads leading to it swamped.
The swollen Russian River was forecast to swell more throughout the day following days of rain from western U.S. storms that has also dumped heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada, throughout the Pacific Northwest and into Montana.The Russian River topped 32 feet Tuesday evening and it could crest at more than 46 feet by Wednesday night, which would be its highest level in about 25 years.About 4,000 residents of Guerneville and two dozen other communities along the river were ordered to evacuate Tuesday evening.

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