PMQs (27.07.19) Full

PMQs (27.07.19) Full

BRUSSELS is set to offer Theresa May a “get out of jail card” from the backstop in a last ditch bid to help her deal pass Parliament.

Following the weekly PMQs Britain’s parliament will debate the Brexit process, and lawmakers will be given their chance to vote on possible alternative routes. This is not a vote to approve or reject May’s deal.

1200GMT – Questions to the Prime Minister
1300GMT – Parliament debate begins
1900GMT APPROX – Possible votes

Eurocrats are working up new assurances that will include promises on tech solutions and details on how the UK can leave the Irish border fix.

They said it will be made clear the backstop must be replaced by a trade deal but without putting a specific time limit on it – a major red line for Dublin.

The changes would set certain criteria for the new relationship which, if met, would mean all or part of the border fix is no longer required.

They will be outlined in a new, legally-binding text that would build upon the review clause already in the Withdrawal Agreement.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox met with EU lawyers in Brussels yesterday as sources said the bloc will “stretch as far as possible” to get a deal.

A Government spokesman said the teams worked on “legally binding assurances that are required to guarantee that the backstop cannot endure indefinitely”.

Last night officials warned there are now just 10 days left to find a compromise that the PM can put to Parliament on March 12.

The bloc is ready to offer the UK “trade facilitation that’s unprecedented with any part of the world” as part of a revamped package….

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