R. Kelly Skips Court Hearing Due to Infected Toe Lawyer Says

R. Kelly Skips Court Hearing Due to Infected Toe Lawyer Says

Singer R. Kelly did not appear in a Chicago federal courtroom Wednesday in connection with his child pornography trial.
According to The Associated Press, Kelly did not make an appearance due to an infection in his toe, which led to his toenail being removed.
“He’s in a walking boot because of that. He didn’t want to come today because in the process, when you’re handcuffed, other inmates and so forth, someone could step on your foot,” Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg said in a clip shared to Twitter. “They step on your foot and your toenail’s been pulled off, it can be quite painful.”
During the five-minute hearing, Judge Harry Leinenweber said he’d rule later on motions to dismiss some charges and reconsider bond for the 52-year-old.
Wednesday’s status hearing comes nearly a month after a judge in a related federal case in New York refused to approve bond for Kelly, declaring him a flight risk and a risk to potential witnesses.
The 52-year-old has entered not guilty pleas to all charges against him in Chicago and New York, where he is accused of a racketeering scheme to sexually abuse girls.

Kelly is detained in Chicago.

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