Branch Blown Into Power Line Likely Started LA fire, Officials Say

Branch Blown Into Power Line Likely Started LA fire, Officials Say

Officials say a tree branch striking a power line ignited a wildfire that destroyed a dozen homes in a star-studded area of Los Angeles this week.

The Department of Water and Power said Tuesday that strong winds drove the branch into the line, causing it to arc and spark the fire.

The fire that ignited on a hillside near the J. Paul Getty Museum drove celebrities like LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger from their homes.

The blaze is only smoldering but about 10,000 people remained under evacuation orders as firefighters warned that hot, gusty Santa Ana winds were expected to return Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Southern California Edison announced Tuesday that it believes its equipment caused the Woolsey fire last year north of Los Angeles that killed three people and destroyed more than 1,600 homes and other buildings.

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