Students Protest in Iraq, Defying Government and Parents

Students Protest in Iraq, Defying Government and Parents

▶️ Students hit the streets of Baghdad and southern Iraq, Monday, October 28, to join escalating calls for the government to quit, defying the education minister, legal threats and even their parents.
👉 At least two anti-government protesters were killed and 105 were wounded in clashes with security forces in Baghdad on Monday as thousands of students took to the streets in defiance of a government order and tear gas from security forces.
The students skipped classes at several universities and secondary schools in Baghdad and across Iraq’s majority-Shi’ite south on Monday to take part in the protests, despite the government ordering schools and universities to operate normally. It was not clear how many students were among those killed and wounded.
Authorities later announced a curfew from midnight to 6 a.m. in the capital, as renewed protests there and across the Shiite south raged for a fourth day. The demonstrations are fueled by anger at corruption, economic stagnation and poor public services. (AFP/AP)

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