Protesters Form Human Chain Across Lebanon

Protesters Form Human Chain Across Lebanon

▶️ Protesters formed a human chain across Lebanon, Sunday, October 27, the eleventh day of unprecedented rallies against politicians accused of corruption and steering the country towards an economic collapse unseen since the 1975-90 civil war.
Protesters joined hands along Lebanon’s coastal roads attempting to span 171 kilometers from south to north. The country has been paralyzed by road blocks set up by protesters drawn from across Lebanon’s sectarian spectrum.
👉 Protesters trickled back on to the streets across Lebanon, Saturday, Ocotber 26, despite army efforts to unblock roads, with no end in sight to a crisis that has crippled the country.
A military statement said army and security commanders met to plan ways to re-open main arteries to get traffic flowing again while “safeguarding the safety of protesters.” People have closed routes with barriers and sit-ins as part of a wave of unprecedented protests demanding the government resigns.
Banks, schools, and many businesses have shut their doors. (Reuters)

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