Theresa May: ‘Deal to end deadlock is within our grasp’

Theresa May: ‘Deal to end deadlock is within our grasp’

Theresa May is considering plans to DELAY the Brexit vote, potentially by months, sparking doubts with fears of a No Deal looming.

But how long of an extension did the PM ask for, and what’s the latest on Brexit? Here’s what we know so far.

May has considered plans to delay Brexit by two months, shocking documents have revealed.

Leaked plans suggested the Prime Minister was looking at a series of options this week for how to break the Brexit deadlock – including putting back our exit day from March 29.

Documents obtained by the Daily Telegraph claimed that the PM could ask Brussels for an extension of Article 50.

But she was forced to deny the reports in meetings with Germany’s Angela Merkel this morning.

May has turned a blind eye to a Remain ministers’ Brexit rebellion as she begged them to give her two more weeks to strike a new EU deal.

May risks fresh fury from hardline Brexiteers by refusing repeated chances to slap them down.

Today she’ll also have chats with EU boss Jean Claude Juncker, and Ireland’s Leo Varadkar.

But the Irish PM said that he didn’t believe the UK would really leave with nothing in the end.

May will ask MPs during another showdown vote on Wednesday to allow her two more weeks of talks, before putting her deal to Parliament by March 12 – an act of high stakes brinkmanship, with Brexit Day following just 16 days later.

The PM added: “We’ve been having positive talks with the EU. My team return to Brussels this week…

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