Jeremy Hunt on his Germany ‘friendship visit’

Jeremy Hunt on his Germany ‘friendship visit’

Theresa May dumped hi-tech plans to solve the Brexit deadlock amid hopes of an imminent breakthrough with Brussels ahead of today’s PMQs.

The PM told Cabinet it was not plausible to pursue the so-called Malthouse Compromise pushing for alternative arrangements to the hated Irish backstop by March 29.

Ministers were told the Government would instead seek to tweak the backstop to get her Brexit deal through the Commons.

Sources claimed a new agreement on the backstop such as a time-limit could even be struck with the EU this weekend following talks between Theresa May and Commission boss Jean Claude Juncker on Wednesday night.

One said No.10 hoped the PM’s revised Brexit deal could then be put before the Commons in a meaningful vote next week.

The backstop is an insurance scheme hated by Brexiteers because it could see Britain tied to EU customs rules to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

The Malthouse Compromise was devised by Tory moderates such as Kit Malthouse and arch Brexiteer Steve Baker as a way of helping the PM get a deal through the Commons.

It suggests avoiding a hard border by using smart cameras and customs checks away from the frontier.

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