Has Kim Jong-Un broken Trump’s promise on nuclear weapons

Has Kim Jong-Un broken Trump’s promise on nuclear weapons

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un meet in Vietnam to discuss denuclearization, the vague promise they made at their historic first summit. However, history may be repeating itself, as nuclear test sites were discovered months after the first summit. Will “one destiny’ regress into “fire and fury?”

The “Dotard” and the “Rocket Man” are ready for their second pas de deux.

The world will be watching when President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sit down next week for their second summit in less than a year.

The meeting, which will take place Feb. 27 and 28 in Vietnam, follows their first round of face-to-face talks last summer in Singapore and will give the two leaders a chance to flesh out some of the details of a history-making denuclearization agreement that emerged from their initial dialogue.

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