This First Aider is Supporting Protesters in the Hong Kong Protests

This First Aider is Supporting Protesters in the Hong Kong Protests

This first aider is supporting protesters in the Hong Kong protests with a worried mom at home.

Despite being afraid, 24-year-old Michael continues to help those injured in the protests, especially in the frontline. He just graduated from university.

In school, he studied at a pro-China secondary school, which taught him about China’s prosperity and the dangers of social instability.

“At that time, I was a little bit confused about what the teacher have told me. That’s why I tried to learn more about social movement. And I realized that the world is not what the school told me,” he said.

His parents know he’s going out to the protests but he doesn’t want to tell them if he’s going out. They worry about him getting arrested.

“I think this is the last battle for us to fight for our future,” says the first aider.

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