Corbyn vows to ‘fight antisemitism’ in desperate video message

Corbyn vows to ‘fight antisemitism’ in desperate video message

JEREMY Corbyn today to “fight against anti-semitism” in a desperate video amid Labour’s turmoil over quitting MPs.

After eight of his party members left in protest over his leadership and failure to tackle anti-semitism he spoke to the public this evening.

On Monday seven centrist MPs quit in protest at Mr Corbyn’s leadership – saying he has made Labour “a racist and anti-semitic party”.

And yesterday evening Joan Ryan resigned her post, becoming the eighth MP to do so.

Mr Corbyn said: “It’s disappointing that some MPs have left our party to sit with disaffected Tory MPs but we can’t return to the failed business as usual politics of the past.

“And it’s only Labour that offers solutions to challenges people face today.

“These MPs now want to abandon the policies on which they were elected, so the decent and democratic thing for them to do is to resign and put themselves up for election.

“And I want to make is absolutely clear I regard the fight against antisemitism as an absolute property, and we are utterly determined to root out antisemitism from our party and society.”

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