Plastered Juncker: ‘Don’t blame Theresa May’

Plastered Juncker: ‘Don’t blame Theresa May’

JEAN Claude Juncker has joked “it wasn’t Theresa!” as he sported a cut face today during crunch Brexit talks.

The EU boss held discussions with the PM this evening over Brexit, with hopes that a breakthrough is on the way.

The two leaders agreed the talks had been constructive and said they will speak again in a few days.

They emphasised time is tight as March 29 rapidly approaches, but said all options are still on the table -including the Brexiteers Malthouse compromise.

The President of the EU commission was snapped showing the Prime Minister his cut earlier today, before telling reporters that it was done while shaving.

“I’m telling you so that you don’t think it was Mrs. May who gave me this injury,” he told reporters…

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