Picking Every Week 2 NFL Game Against The Spread with Warren Sharp | The Lefkoe Show

Picking Every Week 2 NFL Game Against The Spread with Warren Sharp | The Lefkoe Show

Warren Sharp is BACK on the podcast. The 33% will love his takes on just how impressive Lamar Jackson was in Week 1, as well as some tasty betting trends that are sure to inform your bets in Week 2. Bill O’Brien’s playcalling, the Vikings’ personnel packages, and one of the biggest road favorites in NFL history. It’s all getting broken down by Lefkoe and Sharp, who have one goal: to help you make cash! Tune in for more Warren Sharp every Friday throughout the NFL season on the Lefkoe Show.

1:15 Warren’s advantages for betting in Week 2
2:20 Sam Darnold out indefinitely with mono
3:15 How Darnold’s illness will impact the lines for the Jets over the next few weeks
4:05 Warren teaches the 33% about what they can take away from Week 1 to help us win bets
4:40 What Warren’s analytics show us about betting the Ravens moving forward
6:45 How to use coaching tendencies from Week 1 to make money
7:20 Matt Patricia’s balanced playcalling
8:25 Sharp: “Bill O’Brien is going to kill Deshaun Watson”
9:45 Taking Saints last week at half-time +7 was smart with how O’Brien calls a game
10:30 Personnel groupings in the preseason and how they relate regular season
13:00 Predicting Cardinals-Ravens against the spread
14:30 Heavy personnel sets do not have success against the Ravens
21:00 How Warren Sharp moved an over/under line by 2+ points in 15 minutes
23:30 Predicting Packers-Vikings against the spread
28:10 Predicting Browns – Jets against the spread
29:40 Jets offense will use a lot of 3 WR sets, which is what the Browns struggle against
32:30 Gregg Williams in redemption game for being passed over for HC job in Cleveland
38:15 Teams off of a Week 1 loss and being a home dog are 24-8 against the spread
43:00 Having time to adjust for elevation when playing in Denver matters
46:20 When teams have back to back road game to start the season they are 1-14 against the spread since 2015
48:15 Lookahead lines from Week 1
50:55 Houston line has moved from 3 to 9!
53:30 Deshaun Watson has 2TD / 1INT in 3 games vs. Jacksonville
55:00 New England was at -11 vs. Miami, it’s now New England -18.5
57:30 New York Giants vs Buffalo — major line movement
59:00 San Francisco vs Cincinnati line movement
1:00:30 Line movements that spark Warren’s interest
1:04:20 Predicting Steelers-Seahawks against the spread
1:09:30 Predicting Saints-Rams against the spread
1:14:50 Predicting Eagles-Falcons against the spread
1:26:00 Lefkoe Calls his proxy Bill Krackomberger

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