Hong Kong Protesters Gathered For a #MeToo Rally To Call Out Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Hong Kong Protesters Gathered For a #MeToo Rally To Call Out Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Thousands gathered in a #MeToo #ProtestToo rally in Hong Kong to oppose alleged police sexual misconduct against female protesters #香港.

Hong Kong police said they banned a Saturday protest by the organizer of previous historic mass marches, citing public safety concerns, a move that could anger demonstrators ahead of a planned 13th straight weekend of pro-democracy rallies.

Police said approving the Civil Human Rights Front’s march was too risky as some people might use it to “carry out large scale destruction and disrupt public order,” Kwok Pak-chung, the force’s regional commander for Hong Kong Island, said at a Thursday briefing. The South China Morning Post first reported the ban.

“Based on our intelligence, we believe certain protesters will commit acts of violence during the gathering,” Kwok said. “There’s a high chance that certain violent protesters will hijack this event.” He added that officials “have made a decision that we didn’t like to make.”

Bonnie Leung, CHRF’s vice-convener, told Bloomberg News earlier in the day that the group was planning to appeal. Some previous rallies have been approved at the last minute after negotiations with police.

The ban could trigger further outcry as the rally was planned for the fifth anniversary of China’s introduction of an electoral reform package that would have restricted democratic freedoms and was later rejected by Hong Kong. It could also fuel turnout at a two-day general strike called to begin Monday if the government doesn’t concede to protesters’ major demands by Saturday, the SCMP said.

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