Yes, Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland

Yes, Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland

President Trump told reporters that he would be interested in the United States purchasing Greenland. Here is why he would want to acquire a land that is plentiful in natural resources and also crippled by global warming.

No Joke: Trump Really Does Want To Buy Greenland

Trump inquires about US buying Greenland, but it’s not for sale

The Greenland Gold Rush: Promise and Pitfalls of Greenland’s Energy and Mineral Resources

NASA scientists flew over Greenland to track melting ice. They took some sobering photos

President Trump Eyes a New Real-Estate Purchase: Greenland

Greenland’s National Day, the Home Rule Act (1979), and the Act on Self-Government (2009)

Historian Claiming US tried to buy Greenland,5314985.

1868: US Considers Buying Iceland and Greenland

The World of 1898: The Spanish American War

Virgin Islands History

US Territorial Acquisitions

Is Iceland Really Green and Greenland Really Icy?

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