ISIS in Syria to be defeated ‘within hours’

ISIS in Syria to be defeated ‘within hours’

ISIS face being finally routed in Syria within hours as fighters supported by British and US special forces close in for the kill.

The final battle is on today to clear the village of Baghouz, where the remnants of the infamous death cult are holed up in fortified positions.

The once mighty ISIS, which once controlled swathes of Iraq and Syria, is now reduced to a small area of about two square miles, with hundreds of jihadist facing dying in vain.

About 20,000 civilians have been evacuated from the area in the eastern province of Deir-el-Zour over the past few weeks to clear the way for a holds barred onslaught.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), with help from US and British special forces, have made the advances over the weekend and are continuing today.

Above US-led coalition drones are helping troops on the ground by giving a top down perspective of the battle to commanders on the ground…

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