AOC Defends ‘Concentration Camp’ Tweets About Migrant Conditions

AOC Defends ‘Concentration Camp’ Tweets About Migrant Conditions

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she’s “absolutely comfortable” referring to migrant conditions on the U.S. southern border as “concentration camps.”

“First of all, I’m absolutely comfortable using that term because it is rooted in an academic definition. Often times when people, you know, when the term concentration camp is evoked, what people think of are extermination camps. They think of Auschwitz. And I think what we need to realize is that one of the biggest lessons that we learn from both Holocaust historians, civil rights academics and experts is that it takes a process, a slow gradual process of increasingly dehumanizing steps. // So when you talk about, for example, why the Republican Party has not joined us in actively fighting the horrifying separation of children from their parents and it clearly doesn’t bother them enough to the point where they will actually join us in stopping that. I think that we really need to, really take a look at, why that is and I think part of it is because of the dehumanizing rhetoric towards immigrant communities.”

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