More Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Endgame Trailer

More Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Endgame Trailer

When it comes to Marvel trailers, every moment has something important to say and comes with the promise of deeper meanings, hidden explanations, and misleading misdirections. Let’s break it down and take a look at more details you may have missed in the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer.

The new trailer featured a group of heroes walking through the Avengers hangar. If the scene from the trailer felt familiar, there’s a good reason for that: The Super Bowl spot also ended on a quick tease of a string of heroes walking through the same hangar.

The thing is, each trailer seems to be showing distinctly different groups of people at different times. The Big Game clip seemed to depict Cap, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, Ant-Man, War Machine, and either Bruce Banner or Clint Barton. They also appear to be wearing their normal super-suits. This time around the setting remained, but the shot showed Cap, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, War Machine, Black Widow, Iron Man AND Nebula – all sporting new suits that look an awful lot like a variation on Hank Pym’s Quantum Realm suit, or even the space armor that the heroes donned in the cartoons.

What’s going on here? Why do we have two nearly identical shots with completely different groups and suits?

Whenever Endgame takes place, speculation is running high that it will showcase a sizable jump forward in time. In the newest trailer we get a clip of Clint Barton with what appears to be his family. The next shot is a repeat from the last trailer, showing a distressed Barton with a completely different haircut. Then there’s Black Widow. She ended Infinity War with short blonde hair, but in the trailer she’s shown with long hair that drapes past her shoulders. Her hair also goes from blonde to her natural red, and that takes time to grow out. Black Widow seems to be the big clue that we are dealing with some sort of time jump between movies.

The first trailer had a moment showing Steve Rogers looking at a compass with Agent Peggy Carter’s picture in it, a touching reminder of how far the man has come since he was a scrawny kid desperately trying to fight for his country. Although apparently, it wasn’t just a callback to an emotional past, because Cap’s old flame can be heard in a voiceover during the new trailer too. Keep watching the video for even more things only true fans noticed in the Endgame trailer!

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