BEST GRAPHICS EVER? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

BEST GRAPHICS EVER? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

BEST GRAPHICS EVER on Call of Duty Modern Warfare? I think so!
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Welcome to my first video on the Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha!

I thought I’d have some fun and ruin the graphics on Modern Warfare; that means 100 film grain, motion blur on EVERYTHING, 20 sensitivity and NO aim assist…

You’d be surprised as to how well I did under these circumstances…


FaZe Booce even joined us for a bit to use the AX50 sniper. Pretty dank!

Overall, Gunfight in Modern Warfare is pretty good, but I really just want to play the regular modes in the Beta to see how the typical multiplayer is going to play out!

Oh, and hopefully Infinity Ward fixes the film grain bug as well…

So, what do YOU think about Gunfight in Modern Warfare? Are you looking forward to the Modern Warfare Beta? Leave a comment letting me know what you think! ^-^

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