Can You Beat Bioshock Infinite With Only A Sky-Hook?

Can You Beat Bioshock Infinite With Only A Sky-Hook?

The assortment of Vigors and weapons in Bioshock Infinite ensure that there are always at least a few different ways to handle any situation. But there’s one weapon that isn’t really meant to be the main method of attack. Can You Beat Bioshock Infinite With Only A Skyhook?

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Can You Beat Bioshock Infinite With Only A Skyhook? (in text form)

I awoke in a boat with a gentleman and a lady discussing rowing. I had a sinking feeling unrelated to the boat filling with water that they were actually talking about something other than rowing, but I couldn’t prove it. They left, I stood in the rain for a while to see if they would ever fully disappear from view, they didn’t, and I entered the lighthouse. Inside I found someone who had quite clearly [bonk]ed themselves and rang a few bells. For a second I thought someone somewhere had activated the failsafe, then I took a seat on my cushioned chariot and ascended into the sky.

I took my time wandering around the church I arrived in, thinking for a while about what a pain in the ass it must be to keep all these candles lit, went down some stairs, and found more candles. The good news is that I can actually put a few of them out. The fewer fire hazards, the better. Before I could get into the city proper, I had to get baptized. I did try to skirt my way around the priest but I couldn’t. The thing that really shocked me about this scene is that it seemed like the water barely went up to the priests ankles. Unless I’ve got a head like a pancake, I don’t see how I could’ve almost been drowned in this water.

During my blackout, I got a glimpse at a city being destroyed, woke up for the 2nd time in the last 16 minutes, and was finally in Columbia. This bird looks like [bad], by the way. This game, even though I am playing it as a part of the Bioshock Collection, still looks great. While some games from 2013 have aged like a block of cheese sealed in a mason jar, this game is not one of them.

I pressed onward deeper into the city, saw a pretty electric pony, got a quick Columbia history lesson, saw another hummingbird that seemed enamored by the music, which made this entire city feel like one of those wholesome Disney cartoons from the early 40s. You know, the ones that were shockingly racist.

I’m gonna skip through a lot of this early game stuff because it’s just walking, looking, and listening for a while. The key takeaways are demonic jugglers, the Handyman, my first Vigor, a sneak peak of my future weapon, the False Shepherd badge of honor, and the raffle itself in which really felt like home in that I was the only one there who seemed to not be racist.

After things took a dark turn… uh…. yeah that’s okay I can say that, I shoved someone’s face into a police officer’s weapon, supposedly, I think we can all agree that he did that to himself, he should’ve complied with my commands, and I finally got my first weapon. With this being the introductory combat portion of the game, the Officers sent to [bonk] me aren’t at all difficult to [bonk]. More combat later, I got my hands on a gun that I can’t use. The annoying part about the Skyhook is that Booker DeWitt is a miracle of modern science in that he can have a firearm in one hand, a Vigor active in the other, and the Skyhook in the 2nd. If you’re thinking that the math makes no sense, I agree’d with you.

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