Can You Beat Old World Blues Without Taking Any Damage?

Can You Beat Old World Blues Without Taking Any Damage?

Fallout New Vegas’s 4 DLCs all sort of do their own thing. Dead Money is more about survival than anything else and Honest Hearts plays things safe. Lonesome Road ends the story of Courier Six, but Old World Blues is the weird one. So why not ask a weird question: Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas’s Old World Blues DLC Without Taking Any Damage?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas’s Old World Blues DLC Without Taking Any Damage? (in text form)

Before I did anything else, I ransacked The Sink to find anything useful, which wasn’t all that much to be honest, then I entered the Think Tank, and started what could very well be the longest single instance of dialog in all of New Vegas. I sped through some of it because I already had a general idea of what was Doctor Klein and his fellow Think Tanks were talking about, but it was still almost 13 minutes. Here’s the quick version for anyone watching this for the story:

I fulfilled my prophecy of naming myself Lobotomite by getting a lobotomy and becoming a Lobotomite. The glorified Pez dispensers lost my brain during the lobotomy, I can’t leave until I get it back, there’s some sort of a civil war going on, and I need to pick up a few pieces of equipment.

I went outside for the first time since the last time, saw a LOBOTOMITE, and got into combat for the first time. As soon as I took aim with VATS, I knew this entire thing was gonna suck. Normal headshots with a 9mm Pistol did jack [beep]. According to the Fallout wiki, Lobotomites start out at Level 25, which would explain why this one was would’ve been difficult to [beep] if it weren’t for the critical shot. I picked up one of my favorite melee weapons in all of New Vegas, a Proton Axe, off his corpse. Unfortunately, if an enemy is within melee range, I’m pretty much [beep]ed, so I’m not likely to get a chance to use it any time soon.

It’s not all bad, though. I’ve got a waypoint and I know what direction to go, bronze linings and the whatnot. Before I made any observable progress, I angered two more Lobotomites, one of which had a firearm, a shotgun to be more specific. If you happen to know what a shotgun is, you probably have a solid understanding of why a Lobotomite with one is not a situation you’d wanna find yourself in. All it takes is one pellet hitting me and it’s “Hello loading screen”.

I lured them behind a box and blew both their heads off with a shotgun, stumbled across a Nightstalker because Big MT is a [beep]ing nightmare of a place, then found a Cyber Dog that was not at all friendly, and entered X-8 Central Facility to find my first object. It was inside X-8 that I found my new best friend: the Sonic Emitter. It took out a Mister Orderly Mk3 (mark 3) in just 2 shots.

I did some mad science [beep] and created the perfect amalgamation of man and machine that sadly only lived about as long as my first kid, and pressed onward deeper into the Facility. The time had come to prove my worth to America by dispelling of communist children from a fake school. The Institutional Data Retrieval test is now under way. Basically I just need to get three student records from three different locations and determine which one needs to be put to death. A few obstacles are in my way.

The first are Hall Monitors. They might as well be the Eye of Sauron, because they [beep] me damn near as soon as they see me. The Cyber Dogs are much more worrisome, though. They’re as fast as they are not dogs. The Sonic Emitter is the best weapon at my disposal for dealing with robots, but even it takes several shots to [beep] one dog. I did eventually find a concept that worked: shoot at dog, close door, doggy run away, open door, shoot again. Who knew that all it took to hold back the armies of Hell was a cheap wooden door.

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