THE NEW GALIL! (Black Ops 4 Grav)

THE NEW GALIL! (Black Ops 4 Grav)

THE NEW GALIL in Black Ops 4!
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Treyarch gave the Black Ops 4 community a challenge; complete 15 million matches and we get the Grav!

The “Grav” is really just the Galil from Black Ops 1…

…and it’s actually been in Black Ops 4 for a while now (in Blackout and Zombies).

It seems kind of silly to withhold a gun like this from being in Multiplayer, only for the community to have to play 15 million matches to get it.

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty good addition to the game, and I wanted to try it out, get some gameplay with it and hit some feeds with it!

I really ended up DESTROYING at the end…

So, what do YOU think about the new Galil in BO4? Do you think Treyarch should add more free new stuff to the game? Leave a comment letting me know! 😀

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