THE FALLEN KING: END OF AN ERA (A Fortnite Short Film)

THE FALLEN KING: END OF AN ERA (A Fortnite Short Film)


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Voice Actors:
Abigail Turner –
Shootzki –

In the volcano, The Prisoner has captured the Ice King. The Prisoner makes fun of The Ice King for his weakness. The Prisoner meets up with Ember. Ember sees the irony in the Prisoner capturing The Ice King and fears that he’s making a mistake. They need to take care of the rogue hybrid, also known as the good hybrid. Ember and The Prisoner make a game plan to get back the hybrid that has betrayed them. At Captain Blackhearts ship, Hybrid is teleported in. Drift, Lynx and Blackheart come out. Blackheart is surprised that Hybrid is a dragon. Hybrid warns them of the Ice King and Prisoner. Lynx worries. Hybrid explains that he was tricked by his brother, another Hybrid. Hybrid says the Ice King fought bravely but is now dead. Ice King judges a hybrid for betraying his brother. Valkyrie is dead and The Ice King brings up this dark fact. Hybrid is not ejected by the Ice King. The Ice King tells Hybrid that The Fire King does not have his best interest in mind. Jaeger aka The Ice King gets to see Fiera aka The Ice Queen again. The Prisoner summons Malice, the demon of the flame.

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