Fortnite Myth Chasers | Episode 2 (Chapter 2 Season 1)

Fortnite Myth Chasers | Episode 2 (Chapter 2 Season 1)

Code ADAMARU users… You made this series possible. Thank you! Sorry if you don’t see your name, I’m still 4 days behind on DMs.

Myth Chasers! If you have any theories you’d like to test out let us know in the comments or on our discord! WE will myth bust and myth confirm for you.

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Name in video…
It’s simple! Use Code ADAMARU when buying something in the store. Take a pic and DM me it on twitter @adamgrenade (if it’s an old item please take a video as people lie about things in the store, sorry)

Pro Tip #96 – Dont eat yellow snow!

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