I Built an Aquarium Where Nothing Survives – Fishery

I Built an Aquarium Where Nothing Survives – Fishery

I Built an Aquarium Where Nothing Survives – Fishery
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Shoving like, 3500 fish into an aquarium probably wasn’t the best idea.

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ABOUT: Fishery

Fishery is a creativity based aquarium simulation and management game. Build a complex interdependent ecosystem and watch it thrive.

About the game:
Build an aquatic ecosystem. Nurture your plants and fish. Create unique and beautiful habitats for them to live in.

An ecosystem is a complicated thing. Players must balance all the elements and resources of their aquarium in order to make a self-sustaining habitat for their fish and plants to survive and thrive. This can be done in different and creative ways but take care as nature has a way of self-correcting itself when it is unbalanced.

Create dramatic rocky landscapes, thick aquatic jungle or even a scene showing the rusting carcass of a sunken man-made machine. Every aquarium could tell a visual story. It is up to the player to create the world that in which their fish live.

Every object added to the aquarium will have some effect on the rest of the aquarium. In the natural world everyone depends upon everything else to live. In Fishery you must manage your aquarium’s ecosystem, keeping your fish and plants healthy and happy.

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