Top 10 Dunkers In The WORLD | $50,000 Dunk Contest

Top 10 Dunkers In The WORLD | $50,000 Dunk Contest

In this episode of Dunk League, we reveal a SURPRISE wildcard dunker before moving on to the first challenge. With $1,000 on the line, the 10 dunkers have 90 seconds to put together their BEST highlight mixtape.

In case you missed it:
Episode 1 – Finding the BEST dunkers in Miami:
Episode 2 – Finding the BEST dunkers in Los Angeles:
Season 1:

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Dunk League Season 2 is the most ambitious dunk competition ever held. After holding auditions across the country, we brought the 10 BEST dunkers in the world to NYC to square off in 16 different dunk competitions to officially crown the world’s BEST dunker. We’ll be dropping new episodes of Dunk League Season 2 every Monday, only on Whistle.

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