My Mom’s Lover Returned To Destroy Our Family

My Mom’s Lover Returned To Destroy Our Family

Hi, everyone. My name is Lisa and I’m 18 years old. Recently I brought home a man who destroyed our family and broke my heart. But as it turned out, I’m not the one to blame.

My family is pretty rich because my dad works a lot. He’s a businessman and my mom’s a college teacher. They built a strong family, and I thought that nothing could ruin their relationship. But several events over the past month have shown that if one person alters a small detail from a perfectly working mechanism, everything will explode.

It all started one day when I decided to skip school and come home early. When I walked into the house, I was immediately frightened because a complete stranger was standing in our kitchen. When he saw me, he started to smile nervously, and tried to be friendly. He said he was a student, and that my mom was tutoring him. We introduced ourselves, his name was George. I talked to him for a while and he seemed pretty nice to me. Soon my mother came down, and she obviously did not expect to see me at home. I was surprised too, because I didn’t know my mom was tutoring anyone. She said that she started recently.” Then George left, and mom asked me to keep quiet about her tutoring because dad was pretty jealous and he would be against her extra work. At that time, it sounded logical.

Anyway, George started showing up at our house more often. And I was actually happy about it. Because, he was attractive, and he was smart. But most importantly, he was older, so he looked cooler in my eyes. I enjoyed the few minutes that we were able to talk sometimes. As you might understand, I began to fall in love with him. But I didn’t have the courage to tell him. At first I decided to share my feelings with my mother. But when I told her how I felt, she got scared and worried. I didn’t know what was wrong, because I was old enough to have a relationship. But my mom told me to stay away from him, and she said he wasn’t the man I needed. I don’t know, maybe something happened between them, and she thought he was a bad guy. But what could I do? I was totally in love with him. I thought about him all the time. And the fact that my mother forbade me to communicate with him only tempted me even more. I used to dream that he was a bully that everyone thought was bad, but deep down, he was a good man. Like in the cool movies, you know. But I wasn’t the heroine of the film, and I wasn`t brave enough to tell him about my feelings. I found his Instagram profile and just stared at his photos without daring to write to him. Oh, my God, his profile was beautiful. He had a bunch of pictures from all these cool places he’d been all over the world. He’s got a really cool car. Ooh, maybe one day he’d give me a ride… Yes, as you can see, I was just crazy about him.

But one day I finally worked up my courage and asked him out. I was walking up to our house, and I saw George coming out of it. He was clearly upset about something, and he just walked right past me. I was confused, but my mom explained to me that she wasn’t going to tutor him anymore and that this was the last time he’d be coming to our house. At that moment, I realized that I might be seeing him for the last time in my life. But I didn’t want to miss my chance with him! I finally got up the courage, and decided that this day, I was going to end this. So I ran out of the house, and I tried my best to catch up with him. Thank God he didn’t go too far. Now I realize how stupid I looked in his eyes. The girl who was short of breath trying to say that she wants to have coffee with him… This was terrible. But George thought for a moment, then smiled, and said “Of course!” Wow! He just said a few words and I was over the moon. Then we went to go get coffee together, and we talked a lot about different things. Finally, his classes with my mom were not distracting him and we could talk for more than a couple of minutes. When we were about to say goodbye, he asked for my phone number. That meant he liked me! Oh, at that moment the butterflies in my stomach just went crazy. It was this amazing feeling that warmed my whole entire body from the inside. It’s hard to describe, but I was just so happy.

That’s how we started dating…

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