My School Play Was An EPIC FAIL (When EVERYTHING Went Wrong)

My School Play Was An EPIC FAIL (When EVERYTHING Went Wrong)




Hello, this is Sam, short for Samantha. Imagine that you once wrote a play and people agreed to act in it, an audience actually came to see it, and then…absolutely EVERYTHING went wrong and it turned into a complete DISASTER, so much so that you can’t help but cringe every time you think about it.

That’s what happened to Sam. She’ll begin by saying that she’s always liked writing, acting, and basically everything connected to storytelling. She started writing short stories when she was a little kid, and she kept it up when she joined the drama club at school.

Once, when her club was considering what new play to put on, someone said that she should write one because she was good at it. And of course, Sam agreed! Their teacher and director said that they would even let her partially direct it if she wanted to.

So she picked one of her short stories and turned it into a play. It was a very touching story about five people falling in love, so it was kind of like a love triangle, or like…maybe, a love pentagon? Everyone liked it, so they decided to go ahead and do it. And Sam worked very hard on it: she took on one of the main roles herself, and also decided to direct a lot of it.

Their teacher suggested that Sam choose one of these two things – acting or directing, because she wouldn’t be able to handle the workload, but she was adamant that she could do everything. And as you may have already guessed, that turned out to be a big mistake.

Soon everybody hated her because she was so strict. A lot of people in the drama club just wanted to have fun and express themselves; they weren’t as ambitious as she was, and while she understands that now, she didn’t back then.

She barely got any sleep, because she was spending most of her time memorizing the lines for her role, preparing the set design, and other stuff like that. Every day she would imagine how it would go, and how everyone would be so impressed, but as you already know, ultimately that wasn’t what happened.

The day of the play finally came. The auditorium was full of people from Sam’s school, and even complete strangers who were just simply interested in the play. She was nervous, but at the same time convinced that it would all go as planned.

The first scene started with one of the characters giving a short monologue, presenting the story and the characters. The guy, let’s call him George, started and…he forgot his lines. So instead he was like “What is life? Is it just a series of events or…um…not, uummm…?” Sam was FURIOUS. Luckily the sound guy came to the rescue and put the music on so they could continue.

The second scene started and all of the actors went out onto the stage, but another girl accidentally bumped into the set and the whole thing literally FELL down. Like, all of it – everything they had prepared over several weeks just fell down, and she still doesn’t even know how that was possible.

Everyone started to panic, but she wasn’t ready to accept defeat, so she said (in character) “the set fell, because we live in the real world and talk about real problems!”

And it worked! It looked like it was part of the script, you know.

But soon, everything started to go wrong again – everybody was forgetting their lines and sounding like they were really stupid. People in the audience started to laugh, and when the interval came, people were begging her to stop the play because they had already made complete fools of themselves.

But Sam said: “no, we’ve been preparing this play for months and we’re just gonna let this happen!? No way, the show must go on!” She was sure that it couldn’t get any worse, and a few stumbles wouldn’t ruin her play.

Well, you already know how mistaken she was. The next few scenes went very well, it seemed as if everything was starting to go as planned, but then…it turned out that the guy who had forgotten his lines at the beginning and in the next scene was so embarrassed that he had just quietly left. And he was essential to the story.

When they had another spare moment, Sam gathered all the actors together and quickly told them how they would adapt the story to work without him. They begged her to just put an end to it, but she again said “no”, somehow managing to persuade them that it would get better.

The play continued, and you could see how everyone was getting confused by the sudden changes. They were messing up lines and interrupting each other, and it was impossible to understand what was happening. Their teacher was really embarrassed, and the people in the audience were confused…

if you want to know what will happen next, watch the video to the end.

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