Amazing Sri Lankan Food – ARMY SPECIAL FORCES in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka!

Amazing Sri Lankan Food – ARMY SPECIAL FORCES in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka!

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BATTICALOA, SRI LANKA – After visiting Kandy and Central Sri Lanka, we drove to the East coast of Sri Lanka, and first to Batticaloa, a wonderful city surrounded by lagoons. Ruzaina arranged for us to meet up with the Sri Lanka Special Forces to cook lunch and eat in their mess hall, but it turned out to be more of an adventure than just that!

We arrived to the Special Forces base camp, and they were already cooking the meal for lunch. But also our plan for the day was to buy a fish and cook a big fish, so the Captain called his fisherman friend, and he had a special type of shark (which is commonly eaten in Sri Lanka) and said it was his favorite. So we ended up getting the shark to cook and share with the entire Special Forces unit. We ended up missing the main lunch, but we had lunch in the General’s office instead with the delicious mix of local dishes and the addition of the shark curry. It was a privilege to have this opportunity.

Sri Lankan Batticaloa food – In the evening we were invited to a local home in Batticaloa to eat a typical regional Batticaloa Sri Lankan food meal. The meat blew me away with the flavors and ingredients, and it was my first time to eat mountain knotgrass, which was delicious.

Thank you to everyone who generously hosted me in Batticaloa, for the delicious food, and to Ruzaina for arranging everything. Go check out here videos:

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