Lies The Motley Crue Movie Told You

Lies The Motley Crue Movie Told You

Motley Crue is one of the most notoriously dangerous rock bands in history, so when the trailer for the Netflix movie based on The Dirt memoir proclaimed: “This story is true,” it was easy to expect a brutally honest story. And while the Motley Crue movie is close, it’s not all the way there.

The Dirt dances artfully around the subject of Motley Crue singers not named Vince Neil, and it doesn’t even bother mentioning the band’s first singer. As Loudwire notes, before Crue could get Neil locked in, they were in the market for other singers and eventually found a man named O’Dean. Although they recorded a demo with him, the match wasn’t exactly made in heaven. In the book version of The Dirt, Tommy Lee describes O’Dean as a round and rather simple man who was a wonderful singer. Unfortunately, Nikki Sixx became furious with the singer because of his weird habit of constantly wearing a pair of white gloves that he refused to remove even when he was supposed to clap in the background of a song.

If conflicts with Sixx weren’t enough to oust O’Dean from the band, Mick Mars also had plenty of beef with him. Mars made it clear he hated O’Dean’s guts because he thought the singer was a fat hippie. The movie actually uses some of Mars’ colorful opinions about their first singer in the scene where Mars verbally eviscerates a portly rhythm guitarist also auditioning for the group.

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Before Vince | 0:17
Chance encounter? | 1:21
Recruiting Vince | 2:09
Big gig | 3:02
​Mick’s debauchery | 3:57
Nikki’s overdose | 5:10
Razzle’s death | 6:09
Vince’s solo career | 7:09
Simple reunion? | 8:06
Mick’s surgery | 9:08

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